Pantikapaion, Mithridates panorama of Kerch, the Imperial barrow, adzhimushkayskie quarries, the Church of St. John the Baptist, the Yeni-Kale fortress. Kerch is one of the oldest cities in the world. Pantikapei, the Bosporus, Kasaria, car, Korchev, Cherkio, Kersh is not a complete list of names, who had the city at various times.

Currently, its territory is full of monuments of history and architecture, belonging to different epochs and cultures. This ancient settlement, burial mounds, tombs, religious buildings and obelisks, sculptures, and more. Kerch - unikalnego, You will ask, how is it unique? From his age of 26 ages, "an interesting story, can't wait to plunge! If You visit, at least part of the historical monuments - you already understand how spectacular that is!
Pantikapei founded in the VI century BC, Greek colonists from Miletus. At the beginning of the V century BC, around Panticapaeum began to unite other Greek cities, on both sides of the Strait, formed the Bosporan state. Pantikapei located at the foot of the rocky slopes of mount Mithridates. Deity - the patron of the ancient Panticapaeum was Apollo and he was devoted to the main temple of the Acropolis, located on top of mount Mithridates, there were also other temples and the Royal Palace. On the slopes of the mountain were located artificial earthen terraces, they built houses on them were street. In the end of IV century, the Ancient Panticapaeum was destroyed during the invasion of the Huns.

Great Mitridat staircase is one of the main attractions of the city, built vhh century by the Italian architect Alexander Digby. The ladder has 432 stairs that lead to vertices}- of mount Mithridates (91,4 m).The observation deck was decorated with sculptures of griffins and stone vases and the elegant staircase became a decoration of Kerch. On top of the mountain was a Museum of antiquities - a copy of the Athenian temple of Theseus. However, during the landing of British troops during the Crimean war, the shelling of the city from the ships, the Museum and the stairs were destroyed. Rebuilt the stairs}-only 130 years later. Kerch sculptor R. Serdyuk made exact replicas of stone sculptures and now the upper tier of the restored staircase is decorated with winged stone lions.

Among the many and diverse historical and architectural landmarks, a special place is the Tsar burial mound . This monument was discovered in the early nineteenth century during excavations, which were conducted under the supervision of the Director of the Kerch Museum of antiquities by A. B. Ashik. To reach tomb archaeologists have tried for 5 years excavations were carried out from 1833 to 1837. What the researchers found, struck their imagination. Big in size which has no analogues among the similar monuments of architecture building was really a mystical, mysterious place. His skilled craftsmanship, scale, and become the reason why A. Ashik called it "Royal". This monument is a true masterpiece of ancient architecture, which has no analogues neither in Greece nor in the whole world.

In may 1942, a few detachments of troops of the Crimean front, capturing women, children and the elderly took refuge from the bombing in adzhimushkay quarries. People have fought heroically to the last days of October 1942. German troops almost continuously for six months launched attacks on the underground garrisons of adzhimushkajsky stone quarries, commanded by Colonel Yagunov and Lieutenant Povazhny. People lived and defended, not seeing sunlight, suffering from lack of water and food. As not only the Nazis tried to cope with the brave defenders Adzhimushkaya. The Germans blew up and filled up the holes from the quarries, let the outputs of the poisonous gas, while only one baiting 24 may 1942, was killed instantly about 2 thousand people. When the Nazis stormed last weakened defenders of Kerch, adzhimushkay quarries remained alive a handful of exhausted soldiers. In the fall of 1942 to the surface of the rose unit, although 18 may went down to the quarry more than 10 thousand.

John the Baptist is a unique monument of Byzantine architecture, made in the tradition of Eastern Christian architectural school. Suggest that the temple was built in the VIII-IX century. It was consecrated in honor of St. John the Baptist. In the courtyard of the ancient Church is preserved a stone slab with a hollow resembling a human footprint - the Legend says that this should be the John the Baptist. During the existence of the Crimean khanate (XY-XVIII century), many Christian churches were converted into mosques. And this fate is not passed and the Church of St. John the Baptist. In 1774, Kerch became a part of the Russian Empire, and the Church again became an Orthodox Church. During the reconstruction of the temple in the 30-ies of the XIX century under the dome of the temple was discovered fresco, which depicts two saints.

This is the only Byzantine churches of the Northern black sea, miraculously surviving among all the historical events that have filled the Millennium. The fortress of Yeni-Kale was built in the early 18th century 1703, the Turks. Although there is information here that even before that time people lived and there was already strengthening. In the fortress of Yeni - Kale was the residence of the Turkish Pasha, which the}' were subordinate to the commandants of Arabat and Taman fortresses. The fortification structure was used to control over the Kerch Strait, a fortress has not been made any shot - the Turks she never came in handy.

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