The Khan's Palace, Uspensky monastery and cave city "Chufut-Kale". Autopedestrian. Route: Feodosiya - Old Crimea - Belogorsk - Simferopol-Bakhchisarai. The length of the pedestrian route to Calais 2.5 km.

During the tour you will see the page is complex and multifaceted history of the Crimea, you will learn the history and culture of the peoples who inhabited our Peninsula during the last three millennia. Bakhchisaray is the capital of the Crimean khanate - the city which is called turisticheskoi Mecca of Crimea. Despite all the changes of the last decades, old Bakhchisarai retained the flavor of a medieval town.

The main attraction of the city is a unique monument of architecture of XIV-XVIII centuries - the Khan's Palace, founded in the late XV century. You will find the charm of the fabulous East. Preserved big Khan mosque (now acting), harem building, a magnificent fountain Magzoub ("gold") and the famous Selsebil - "Fountain of tears", built at the behest of Crimea Giray Khan in memory of his beloved wife dilara-Bikech. The Khan's Palace is the world's only large and coherent monument of the epoch of the Crimean khanate.
The former residence of the rulers of the Crimean khanate is now in the top three most popular historical sites of the Crimea.

On the way to "cave city" Chufut - Kale we visit one of the world's oldest active Orthodox shrines - the cave monastery of the Dormition, with its ancient temple, carved inside a cliff. Assumption monastery founded in the ninth century and for many centuries was stronghold of Orthodoxy in the Crimea.
Vicinities of Bakhchisarai also shocking in its beauty. This is the fantastic cliffs resembling sphinxes, mysterious, deep canyons and a large plateau. All that you will see during the walking part of the tour. You will walk about 2.5 km walk along the gorge to "family nest" and the greatest national sanctuary of Karaims - the cave city of Chufut - Kale, situated on inaccessible cliffs, towering 200 m over the surrounding valleys. This is the best preserved of the "cave towns" in Crimea. Attracts the attention of tourists the mausoleum of Dzhanyke-Khanum, daughter of Khan or hide from Mongol invaders, the Karaite kenesa of a house of worship and also residential home, whose residents left their 20-ies of XX century.

Now it is a dead city. Dull creak the gates, the wind blows in orphaned houses. The cliffs of Calais, its once impregnable walls to keep their secrets to this day.

Also tourists will find a large selection of Souvenirs, essential oils of local production. The prices are quite affordable, much lower South coast.

This program is designed for different level of sports training sightseers and can cause problems in some people, only when climbing to the cave city Chufut-Kale,because you need to climb through an open area to a height of 200 m above sea level.m.Mandatory sports shoes, headwear. You can take the bottles for the Holy water. Camera! Those wishing to visit the monastery should take care of the appropriate appearance.

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