The Route Feodosiya - Koktebel - Stary Krym - Belogorsk - Simferopol - Yalta - Balaklava - Sevastopol. In 1787 Catherine the Great made his extraordinary journey from St. Petersburg to the Crimea, where she is from everything you have seen was delighted and compared the Crimea with the jewel in the crown of the Russian Empire. We invite you to see this, imagine our region as he saw the Empress.

This is one of the most interesting pages in the history of the Peninsula. Bakhchisaray - "Palace garden", the former residence of the Crimean khans. Built in the early 16th century, now it is the main attraction of the city. We propose to explore the territory of the Palace complex are several buildings and the rest of the harem (without visiting), Falcon tower, great Khan mosque Biyuk-Khan Jami, mezarlik - the family cemetery of the former rulers of Crimea Giray . (Duration of examination - 45 minutes).Familiarity with Eastern culture, concluding with lunch in a national restaurant with the Crimean Tatar cuisine.

Go to Sevostopol,acquaintance with the city begins with the monument to Catherine the great and site of the founding of Sevastopol in 1783 Sevastopol city of glory, city-hero. Catherine II ordered to erect on the shores Akhtiarsky Bay fortress, the Admiralty, shipyard, port, and commanded to call this the city of Sevastopol - a city "worthy of worship". Thus, the Russian Empress had determined his fate. Hard to find a city with a history more heroic. The legendary Sapun mountain move to the city center. Tourists will visit the famous Grafskaya Wharf, Primorsky Boulevard, you will see monuments Nakhimov, Kazarsky, the Scuttled ships, the symbol of Sevastopol.

Then follow in Balaklava, on the ancient medieval road that winds along the picturesque valleys, venturing into the mountains from the Windows of the bus, we admire the Sphinx Karalezskaja valley, ruins of cave monasteries, hanging over the road rocky headlands. Among them is the bulk of the mountain Mangoup. This mountain has long been a guard post on the outskirts of the rich coastal cities, the Romans used it to protect the paths leading to the ancient Chersonesos. In the middle ages right on the plateau were located the city that became the capital of the Crimean state of the Principality of Theodoro. Stop at the Beach for a short break.

Balaklava is located on the shores whimsical curving Bay, a unique "refuge" ships starting with t -, the ancient Greeks to the present day. From the Seafront go on a sea voyage with the exit from Balaklava Bay to the open sea( 1 hour). Summer swimming in the open sea. Free time - 30 minutes. You can optionally visit the Aquarium Museum, where live the inhabitants of the Black sea and the tropical seas. Tour and free time in the city-1.5-2 hours.

This tour is interesting for people of any age. Must bring comfortable shoes, hats, swimsuit, Camera and a good mood.

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