Cape Place, the Palace of KN. Gagarina, the temple Arch.Michael, embankment of Yalta, the sea walk. Swallow's nest, Livadia Palace. The South coast - it combines the beauty of the shores of the Black sea, the exotic mountains and unique natural objects. For centuries here-people were drawn to enjoy the scent of pines and junipers, to heal its wounds and forget sorrow.


In one of the corners of the South coast located Partenit valley where at the beginning of XX century was built the Princess Gagarina D. A., the then owner of these lands, a fairy-tale Palace in the memory of a beloved husband. Romantichny the nature character of this unique area led to the selection of the Yalta architect N. P. Krasnov, he built a Palace with a peaked roof, small Gothic towers in a medieval Alpine castle. Here, from the viewing point of Cape Plaka, wonderful panorama, PA Bear mountain (Ayu-Dog), the sea and the Partenit valley, surrounded by mountains.


Then we'll go to Yalta. Pearl of the South coast - beautiful Yalta - the "resort capital of the Crimea." Its fertile climate and the beauty of the landscapes of Yalta does not yield the best resorts in France such as nice.

Walking along the promenade of Yalta, smell the history of this amazing beauty of the city. Sit on the "Bench of lovers", wait in the shade of the big sycamore under which Isadora Duncan was expecting a Comedy, take a picture with "the Lady with the dog", smile at the concert hall "Jubilee", saw the portfolio Zhvanetsky up Shirvindt, vest Arkanov and the Muse Kobzon. Or as the heroes of the film "treasure Island," visit the schooner - cafe "Hispaniola". Are traveling on. Ascent by cable car to Darsan hill will give you a lot of impressions, you will see a picturesque view over Yalta.

It is difficult to list all that you can see in Yalta, but one of the emblems of Yalta visit necessarily on the boat. This business card and waistline symbol of the southern coast, the swallow's nest. The castle is perched on the middle spur of the AI-Todorsky Cape at a height of 38 m above sea level. The size of the "Swallow's nest" is actually "bird": width - 10 m length - 20, height - 12 m. the Building resembles a medieval knight's castle. The image of "Swallow's nest" spread throughout the world millions of postcards and photographs. He served as a shooting location for many films.

Continue the voyage with a visit to Oreanda, where at the foot of mount AI - Nikola (Saint Nicholas) from the observation platform of the Cathedral of Archangel Michael you can see a panorama of the South coast from Bear mountain to the Oreanda. The Church was built on the site of an ancient Christian Church. The mountains, located around the Church, creating an unusual acoustics. It is used by priests to broadcast the singing of the male choir. Repeatedly reflected from the rocks, the singing of the choir acquires monumental sound.

Mountain Cat 255 m above sea level. Its upper part represents the two rock ridges. Between them the plateau, and the vertiginous cliffs littered with rock slides. Here archaeologists have discovered the remains of ancient Taurus (1st century BC) dwellings and graves, walls-fortifications (13th century) with a length of 175 m. the Trail is on the lower tier of the mountain Cat, where grown: juniper, pistachio, butcher's broom, Crimean pine. Amazing views from the top of the mountain in the village of Simeiz and Katsiveli village. Clean air, abundance of flowering plants and shrubs, easy road, great views make this walk unforgettable.

Our tour ends with a visit to the Imperial estate of Livadia which was the summer residence of three families of Russian tsars: Alexander II, Alexander III and Nicholas II. For the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II in Livadia was built a White Palace the Palace is represented not only the exposition of the Palace complex, but also a wonderful exhibition "the Romanovs.

This tour is interesting for people of any age. Must bring comfortable shoes, hat, Camera and good mood.

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