The waterfall su-uchkhan, the cave, Red and Emine-Bair-Khosar. The pedestrian part of the route is about 1 km. Route: Feodosiya - Old Crimea - Simferopol - Perevalnoe - Red cave - cave Emine-Bair-Khosar - the Simferopol - Feodosia. The tour begins with the red cave.

This cave is located on Dolgorukovskaya Yayla. The cave maintains a protected path of dlinoi about 1km. You will walk through beech forest along the river It. Some places, this river forms an impressive lake - so called baths. The biggest bath near the waterfall su-uchkhan flows. This waterfall has a height of 5 m. in winter And summer dip people, although the water does not exceed 11°C.

After enjoying the waterfall, you will enter the cave. It was visited by Russian writer A. Griboyedov. Inside the cave flows the river, there are lakes with water chisteyshey cave Walls have a reddish color due to a rare type of rock - limestone tufa. Hence the name Red. This cave is among the longest caves of the Crimea, the Caucasus and the Urals. The length of the underground corridors -17 km It consists of six floors. However, the tour includes a review of one of the floor Length ways under the ground of 900m. Stay in the cave for 40 min.

After seeing the Red cave, you will come to my tour bus and about half an hour will go to the cave Emine Bair of Aear. This cave is in the mountains Chatyr-Dag. Walk to it will not have to go, the bus will stop a hundred meters from the entrance to the cave. Among the natural phenomena of Europe's cave Emine air Hasar is a special place. In 1927, geologists descended into the well was found. World famous for the cave came after many years of work of the Simferopol speleologists who discovered 1500 underground halls and galleries covered with colored calcite crystals.

Found halls with paleontological finds (bones of mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, bison, cave lion and bears).

Only on Chatyr-Dag more than a hundred caves, but this is considered to be beautiful. You will see the spacious underground halls, numerous stalactites and stalagmites, underground lakes, and the bones found there of prehistoric animals. Tour of the cave lasts 1H.20min. The route through the cave is not more than 700 m. Both caves are equipped for visiting: paths cemented, everywhere lit electric light.

This tour is suitable for almost all categories of citizens, except for children up to 3 years, older people and those suffering from claustrophobia. Be sure to bring warm clothes (pants, sweater). Shoes only sports. In the caves is humid, so it is advisable to bring spare shoes or at least spare socks.

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