Swimming in the Bay Kapsel, Golitsyn cellars in duration, tasting. The Route Feodosiya - Koktebel, Solnechnaya Dolina. S. Almond W-d duration (Basements in the gorge) - Koktebel — Feodosiya. On the planet there is no other area where you would have survived in such abundance of native grape varieties, among them: what the Kara, Cevat Kara, Kefesija, cook pandas, Sary pandas and others.

Due to the abundance of the sun, the constant movement of air, low humidity prevents the development of pathogenic microorganisms, which provides the aging of a healthy crop. Soils with a rich content of silicon contribute to obtaining a unique, healing wines "Sun valley.

The first Russian industrial wine growing and winemaking in this place was founded by Prince Golitsyn and Gorchakov. They have also been built in 1888 deep many-tier cellars, where so far provides the necessary conditions for maturing and long-term aging wines at a constant temperature and humidity.

Your journey will pass through a picturesque mountain road that takes you to the wonderful pebble beach is the Sun Valley - the sunniest place in the Crimea (according to the statistics of the 365 days of the year here more than 300 clear, Sunny), where you will have 1 hour for swimming and lunch . After rest you will visit the oldest wine cellars "duration". You will learn how to create unique wines from grapes grown only in Sunny Valley. And of course be able to taste these magic drinks, most famous among them is "the Black Doctor" - wine, about the miraculous power of which is legendary! A company store will offer you any wine.("Black Colonel", "Sun valley", "Private", "Methane", and many other delicious drinks.)

This tour will introduce you to the history of viticulture and winemaking and production technology of different brands of wines and brandies. The guide will reveal the secrets of wine etiquette. This tour will bring you real pleasure, after all, what could be better: Crimea, sun, sea and wine!

Tasting is suitable for all citizens from 18 years. Brand store sells wine on tap. Be sure to bring a bathing suit, warm clothes (in the basement cool), hats, comfortable shoes, camera.

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From 1 October 2017-31 March 2018 - is accepting applications for an early booking holiday in Koktebel

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Weather in Koktebel

Partly cloudy


Humidity: 79%
Wind: SW at 35.40 km/h
Wednesday 8°C / 13°C Mostly sunny
Thursday 12°C / 13°C Mostly cloudy
Friday 10°C / 13°C Partly cloudy
Saturday 12°C / 15°C Mostly cloudy

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