Itinerary: Theodosia - Belogorsk - Simferopol-Alushta - Partenit-the swallow's nest-Yalta-Simferopol-Feodosia. Partenit is located on the southern coast of Crimea, at the foot of the majestic mountains of Ayu-Dag. This picturesque corner of the Crimea is famous for its colorful natural landscapes.The name of the village comes from the Greek word meaning "girl" or "maiden."


According to legend, many centuries ago, there was a sanctuary of the main goddess of the people of the Tauri, from which, supposedly was the name of the place. This is the place where you can feel like in Paradise, we invite you in a romantic Park of the sanatorium "Aivazovsky". This magnificent man-made Park with waterfalls, exotic plants from around the world and beautiful sculptures. The basis of the Park taken the myths, legends and historical facts associated with this area of the South coast.


You will be surprised with the elegance of the English landscape Park, where you will see mysterious, marvelous priestess in "the Gazebo of the secret revelations", the kindergarten "Spring" ,a fragment of Mexican garden, the landscape and the image of pre-Columbian America. In the Garden of fragrances plants evoke the feeling of a fairy tale, waiting for a miracle! Terraced garden - a fine example of Gothic architecture reflects the medieval stage of history. "The well of temptation" is another of the wonders of this fabulous Park. Also on the alleys of the Park we will pick and pan, and the goddess Flora, and Narcissus, zagljadevshajasja in the pond at his reflection. Remember the ancient legend of the Titan Astree, have thrown the star towards Tauris, to specify the path to the ancient Greeks, this blessed region.

The real gem of the Park is an ancient olive grove, formerly belonging to the estate of count Rajewski. Here you can relax and enjoy the sound of running water, birds singing and the rustling leaves of the ancient olive. Pergola, rotunda, pools, the Creek, the buildings create an image of the ancient world, here I want to admire the beauty of the garden, using every moment of our lives. Tour and walk through the Park lasts 2.5 hours (maybe swimming and relaxing by the sea).

Then we visited the swallow's nest. Additional charm of the castle, which is beautiful in itself, gives it a very unusual location - looking at the castle, it seems that he miraculously caught the edge of the cliff.Swallow's nest was picturesque enough to celebrated in film. Here was filmed the famous Soviet film "Ten little Indians", as he was depicted in the film "Mio, my Mio", "Bluebird" and even went to one of the parts of "Police story" with Jackie Chan.Committed after a boat ride to the main town of the South coast coast - Yalta. For 30 minutes enjoy the Great panorama of Yalta from the sea.

At Yalta, a walk along the Promenade , free time - 1.5 hours.

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