The Route Feodosiya — Koktebel — Sudak — Fun — Sea — Fishing — Malorechenskoye — Solnechnogorskogo - General - Radiant — Simferopol — Feodosia. Walking part of the route: 2 km one way. Waterfall Jur-Jur - the most powerful waterfall in the Crimea is situated near Alushta, in the South-Eastern slopes of Demerdzhi.


This is the only route, passing the old South road to the waterfall Jur-Jur. Serpentine turns 180 degrees, passes, turns, climbs and descents. On the right stretch of ridges and hills, cut by green valleys. Left - blue sea. You will learn a lot about the nature and history of this region. On the way to waterfall, stop for Breakfast in Morskoye village (30 min).

In the village of Generalskoye the beginning of the pedestrian part of the route (to the waterfall is about 2 kilometers). You can use the transportation services of local residents: you will be driven directly to the entrance of the sanctuary and then to the waterfall to go about 700 m. Driving on a mountain road in an open truck with rows of benches, you will get an unforgettable experience. The same car at the appointed time will take tourists to the village for dinner. Lunch can be ordered at a small rural café before climbing to the waterfall. Waterfalls called the living monuments of inanimate nature.

Waterfall Jur-Jur is situated in a picturesque valley haphal, covered with beech forest, which meet yew and pine. The river Ulu Uzen East, propolisa gorge, is a typical mountain stream, forming in several places, waterfalls. Jur-Jur (in the name of the waterfall is heard like the murmur of water) has not dried up even in the dry years. With a height of 15 m a huge stream, rasplachivayutsya on thousands of individual streams, cascading mass of water and with a roar is broken at the foot of a limestone ledge, refreshing you with tiny water droplets. Especially beautiful waterfall in the afternoon, when the sun's rays refracted in the water droplets, creating a rainbow glow. Far around spread the noise of falling water.

Swim in the cool waters of waterfall prohibited local SES due to the fact that the water from this river to eat some of the settlements located downstream the river. A kilometer upstream are the cascades of the rapids from which the water flows down from stairs. The second object of the visit - the mountain of Demerdzhi is one of the most attractive and mysterious mountains of the Main ridge, one of Crimean natural wonders. In Crimea, a lot of unique places, but this affects its shape.This is an amazing area in which a group of randomly scattered cliffs. The stone giants you'll see a Broken heart. Monk, Camel, Host of the Valley and the rock of Catherine the great, overlooking the whole valley and looking at their land the haughty gaze of the Empress.It was here filming everyone's favorite film "prisoner of the Caucasus".

This tour is designed for people who are nature-loving and ready for Dating with her to walk several kilometres over rough terrain. As one of the bus portions of the tour will be held at the serpentine South coast highway, necessary for those who need to stock up on motion sickness pills and candy. Form sports clothing, athletic shoes (shoes without heel, high heels - impossible!), hats.

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