Malakhov Kurgan, the Panorama, Vladimir Cathedral, the centre of Sevastopol, a ferry on the North side. Autopedestrian.
Feodosiya - Old Crimea - Happy - Rich - Simferopol - Sevastopol. Danna tour introduces you to the history of Sevostopol and provides the opportunity to see this glorious city.

Sebastopol - in the Greek city of glory, city worthy of worship Sevastopol built from the famous white Inkerman stone; located on the hills, like Rome. This is a hilly terrain cut by numerous bays (32). Modern Sevastopol (1783) grew on the site of the ancient city-state Chersonese Tauride (5 BC - 15th century). Today the Sevastopol base of the Russian black sea Fleet.

Malakhov Kurgan is one of the most celebrated of the fortresses of Sevastopol and played a key role in the Heroic defense of Sevastopol 1854 - 1855 On the Malakhov hill miraculously preserved defensive tower built in 1854, During the heroic defense of Sevastopol on the mound was built, the main Bastion of the Ship side, the arms of which there were 9 batteries with 76 guns. During the great Patriotic war there was a two-gun battery of Lieutenant commander Mrs. A. P.

Panorama "defense of Sevastopol 1854-1855" is a remarkable work of world battle painting, the world famous monument to the people's feat. Opened in 1905. Created By F. A. Rubo. Leaf height of 14 meters, a length of 115 meters. Panorama displays the events of one day of the 349-day defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean war - a reflection of the assault, taken by the English and French 6(18) June 1855. Currently, it is one in the largest among the 60 panoramas of the world. After visiting Panorama, you'll visit the legendary 4-th Bastion where you fought the young A. N. Thick..
Then Vladimir Cathedral - burial vault of four admirals: PS Nakhimov, Lazarev, M. P., Istomin V. I.. V. A. Kornilov and the other admirals. The Cathedral, founded in 1854, is built in an elegant Byzantine style.

Count's quay - a complex monument of history and architecture, erected in 1787, in honor of Catherine II, then at the initiative of M. P. Lazarev and antique decor, 12 white stone columns surmounted by a portico, ancient statues and marble lions. Further monuments Nakhimov, S. and Sunken Ships. In the 1st defense, the sailors were forced to flood the military ships to obstruct the entrance to the Bay the enemy ships. 17-meter high Corinthian column made of diorite topped with a bronze eagle installed in the sea near the shore and became the emblem of the city-hero.

In your free time you can walk along Primorsky Boulevard , visit the Sevastopol Aquarium. the aquarium was established in 1897. Here are over two hundred types of animals live in the Black and tropical seas. A pleasant end of the tour will be a short boat tour - by ferry to the North side of Sevastopol. Then return by bus to Feodosia.

This tour involves extensive walking trails. But the presence of comfortable shoes without heels - a must! And most importantly don't forget to take cameras.

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