More canyon, plateau of AP-Petri, descend by cable car. Walking part of the route - about 4 miles.

Route: Feodosiya - Old Crimea - Belogorsk - Simferopol - Bakhchisarai - sokolinoye - plateau ay-Petri - Mishor - Simferopol - Feodosia.


This tour will introduce you to the natural objects of South-Eastern, Central, southwestern and southern Crimea.

The first object of showing the Grand canyon of Crimea , its maximum depth is 320 m.

Nature's miracle call it a wild gorge, located deep in the Northern slope of AI-Petri plateau, striking rugged beauty and diversity of the landscape. As you move into the canyon, the slopes of the giant crevices, become higher and steep, come closer to each other. The right and left of cool are surging up the rock, head over to the formidable towering cliffs.

At the bottom of the Grand canyon flows the river Auzun-Uzen (Oral), along which runs a trail that descends down to the Blue lake and goes to the Apple Ford. In the bed of the river Auzun-Uzen river flows, and Almachuk source Pania is one of the largest karst springs of the Crimea.

Interesting holes and "bath", "bore" water in the bed of the gorge, their number reaches more than 150 units. The largest tubs are reaching 5-6 m in diameter and 2-3 m depth. The most famous - Kara Gol (Black lake), or as it is called by tourists the bath of youth. The water temperature here does not exceed + 9 °C even on a hot day. Its modern name it received for a reason. After bathing it seemed to regain their youth: there is a burst of energy, there is courage and light, man feels younger.

For Hiking is the opportunity to swim in Bath youth, and font source Company, ( a Holy lake).At the end of the pedestrian part of the excursion tourists get on the bus and on mountain serpentine roads, up on a plateau AI-Petri.

With a height of more than a kilometer above sea level and offers an amazing view of South coast from Ayu-Dag in the East to Simeiz in the West: conservation of coniferous forests, clambering up the steep rocks as if floating in the air of pine, numerous resorts with beautiful parks, vast expanses of the Black sea. Reinforces the impression of a cliff height of several hundred meters, the edge of which is a specific platform.

The mountain range AI-Petri - one of the most famous natural sights of the Crimea. In the South-West of the plateau , as if reared by the famous AI-Petri teeth,resembling the teeth of a huge dragon, the largest of them reach a height of 7-19m. Scientists believe that it is an ancient coral reef many millions of years ago rising from the sea bottom.

On a plateau Ah-Petri, the tourists will be 1.5 hours. During this time they can have lunch, visit the Oriental Bazaar, ride a horse or camel, take pictures with wild animals, or simply admire the amazing views of the plateau.

Then the sightseers will descend from the plateau down by cable car "Miskhor - AI-Petri". It is the longest mountain cableway in Europe (about s miles) and the steep (altitude difference of about km) cable car in Crimea. The descent will give you many thrills.

On the way back, the tourists can admire from the viewing platform the architectural symbol of the South coast, the swallow's nest. A visit to the Park to clarify the time of sale. This route is designed for physically healthy people. On the plateau, lunch and all activities and services are paid. You need to bring: bathing suit, cameras . Form sports clothing, athletic shoes (sneakers, running shoes). The words "dress sports" on this tour route is not an empty phrase. You expect a Hiking trail, winding along the steep slope of the mountain gorge, crossing a mountain stream. So the route does not tolerate high heels, tight trousers or skirts, and shoes without a back.

A few hours you will be at altitudes over 1 km above sea level. Even at standard SYNOPTIC situation on a plateau AI-Petri is always at 7.5 degrees lower than on the coast. However, at this altitude, the air temperature in the summer and can drop significantly, like it might rain when the cold Northern wind. It is therefore recommended to bring warm clothes and raincoats.

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