Nikita Botanical garden, Vorontsov Palace, Alupka Park, swallow's nest, a boat from Swallow nest to Yalta, free time in Yalta - 1 hour. Route: Feodosiya - Old Crimea - Belogorsk - Simferopol - Alushta -Yalta - Alupka Simferopol — Feodosiya.

Nikitinsky Botanical garden

Here is a unique collection of valuable, exotic rare plants from all over the world.Bamboo grove, a magnificent palm trees, the Grand Himalayan, Atlas, cedars of Lebanon , majestic Sequoia, cactus alley, banana trees, fragrant roses in all shapes and sizes You encounter on the way. Plants are selected in such a way that the bloom in this subtropical Paradise village of southern coast of Crimea does not stop all year round.Children love to play in the Green maze, admire the wonderful fish in the ponds of the Park, take pictures on the background of the Malvina house. For a fee in the territory of the Nikitsky Botanical garden you can visit the exhibition of tropical butterflies, cacti, orchids. It amazes with its beauty at any time of the year and is considered the most famous and popular of all coast parks.

Vorontsov Palace, Alupka Park

The Palace is situated in the heart of Alupka, among the mountains and greenery and has become an integral part of the local topography. .The Palace complex of Vorontsov Palace in Alupka, consisting of five buildings, built in 1828-1848 years on the project of English architect Edward Blore (1789-1879) the Governor-General of the Novorossiysk territory of count Mikhail Vorontsov (1782 - 1856). The Palace's state rooms decorated in the style of a traditional English interior, almost completely preserved its original finish. Uniqueness: the Blue room gives the finest stucco ornament of flowers and leaves. The decoration of the Lobby and main dining room decor reminiscent of knightly halls of medieval castles. In the Winter garden from old plants survived climbing the walls ficus-repens. The rooms display paintings and sculpture by Russian and Western European masters, various items of decorative art.

In the premises of a business case created exhibition "Vorontsov kitchen, Apartment Butler" and the exhibition hall "Under the sycamore".And finally, you will visit the South terrace is truly the most beautiful and the most extraordinary part of the building. A huge dome decorated with Arabic inscriptions, built in the Black sea ,a magnificent staircase with a gradually nastraevaemaya kings of animals,has a unique romantic look.

Not inferior to the beauty of the Palace and Alupka Park, one of the best on the southern coast of Crimea monument of landscape art. The Park is designed in the so-called landscape style. Alupka Park is of great interest not only in artistic terms, he introduces the flora of different countries, here to stay more than 200 species of trees and shrubs imported from abroad, mainly coniferous and evergreen. Acclimatized in the Park come from South America: Araucaria Chilean and coral tree. Currently, the Park covers an area of 40 hectares, and stretches from East to West about a kilometer and tour of its alleys takes about 1 hour.

Swallow's nest

Castle, hovering between the sky and the sea.On the edge of a 40-meter avrorina cliff towering above the sea, perched a miniature white house built in pseudo-Gothic style, reminiscent of a knight's castle. Battlements, Lancet Windows and climb ledges to crowning the whole structure a three-tiered circular tower with spires. Swallow's nest -a monument of architecture and history, immortalized on the coat of arms of the village of Gaspra,which is considered the emblem of the southern coast of the Crimea.

Sea trip by boat from Swallow nest to Yalta will give you the opportunity to admire the Southern coast of the Crimea from the sea and appreciate the beautiful scenery of this magnificent land (35-40 min). Free time (about 1 hour) in Yalta you can spend walking along the promenade of Yalta. This tour is suitable for all categories of citizens. However, children up to 3 years and people of Mature age are recommended to refrain from this tour.In the Nikitsky Botanical garden are sold in a large assortment of essential oils and cosmetics, developed by employees of the garden, exotic indoor and outdoor plants, cacti.This tour special difficulties is not. It is necessary to warn tourists: men with naked torso in museums are not allowed! Clothes should be decent. Be sure to bring your camera (photo and video in palaces paid). The program includes visual examination of the Swallow's nest. Need to warn you that the descent to the Marina takes about 15 minutes (stairs).

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