Autopedestrian. Route: Feodosia - Simferopol - Alushta g - p. the Upper Yalta - Alupka, Crimea-Simferopol - Feodosiya. We offer You to get acquainted with the history and architecture of the most famous palaces of the South coast.


Massandra Palace in Yalta (also called the Palace of Alexander III) is one of the most famous monuments of the southern coast of Crimea. Built in the style of French Renaissance castles. The Imperial family loved to come here for walks and picnics in the fresh air. The Palace was intended for privacy, and skillfully hidden, in a cozy Park in the rocks.

With its interesting history, architecture you will meet on the excursion. Time for sightseeing 1-1. 5 hours. If you want you can visit the Palace and see the exhibition of the Palace interior of the second half of the 19th century .

Then we go to elegant Vorontsov Palace. You will hear the story of its creation, feel the skill of the gardeners, the real artists who wrote the tableaux in Small and Big chaos in the huge lawns and on the shore of mysterious lakes, mysterious caves and rocks. Hear the eternal music of falling water in the hall of Waterfalls. A sightseeing tour will introduce you to the architecture of the Palace, you will see pridvortsovoy part of the Northern and southern facades,the famous Lion terrace.

The Palace and Park ensemble of Alupka was created for the Governor General of the Novorossiysk territory of count Mikhail Vorontsov.The Palace was destined to a happy destiny: he was not ruined and not destroyed, but cherished as a Museum. Today, he pleases its visitors with the beauty and luxury sometimes not available, and the Royal palaces.

You may want to visit the Palace.Familiarity with the castle, Vorontsov lasts 2 hours.

Further from the pier in Alupka, on the boat we go on a sea voyage. Within the hour you will be able to relax, breathe in the sea air , see the Crimean côte d'azur, in Miskhor the famous little Mermaid in the sea in Gaspra the castle "swallow's nest" on the Aurora cliff, the beauty of the mountains of the Main ridge, South coast villas, palaces and castles, lush green parks and forests.

Ends the program of the trip at the always bustling and festive, the resort Yalta - 1.5 hours.

This tour is designed for people of different ages and with different levels of physical fitness.

That journey has brought you such pleasure, don't forget to bring a camera, bathing suit, hat, windbreaker (for the boat and on the mountain can be cool).

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