Panorama Belbeksky canyon road to AI-Petri plateau and ay-Petri, specific platform panorama swallow's nest, foros Church of the resurrection of Christ. Baidar gates, the Bajdarsky valley, a lake beach. Autopedestrian. Route: Feodosiya — Old Crimea — Belogorsk — Simferopol — Bakhchisaray district — AI-Petri — the Big Yalta - foros — Baidar valley - region of Sevastopol — Bakhchisaray district — Feodosia.

We travel along the mountain roads of the Crimean Peninsula. Along the way we will see the panorama of the famous White cliffs, where they filmed a lot of movies, including "the ransom of red Chief", "the Apocalypse Code", "the headless Horseman", "the Man from Boulevard des Capucines", "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors", "Mirage". Get acquainted with the capital of Crimea the city of Simferopol, the capital of the Crimean Khanate - Bakhchisarai and it will stop where the observation platform offers a spectacular view on the Belbek canyon. In the narrowest place its width is 300 meters and a depth of 160 m. Large-scale and stunning views! We will continue our journey by bus through the canyon bottom along the river Belbek.

It is difficult to describe the diversity of this mountain range, where each tract and surprises and delights. Until you've been on top of difficult to get an idea about the AI-Petri. It is the pinnacle and the mountain range, which stretches along the southern shore of the Crimea and the components of the main mountain range. AI-Petri array stretches from East to West and 25 km from the AI-Petri Mountain became a symbol of the greater Yalta. From many points of the southern coast seen its top with large and small teeth. In turn, from the AI-Petri 135 kilometers to view the magnificent panorama of the southern coast: bays, cliffs and beaches, forests and groves of the sea coast seen here at a glance - from Ayu-Dag mountain Cat. The poet Valery Bryusov, having been on the AI-Petri, wrote: "the Chief charm of this kind in its breadth. Outlook is not closed to other heights, it is open to the entire infinity of the sea, under the feet deployed almost the entire southern coast with its villages, parks, roads" streams denoted by like on a huge map".

Serpentine road descends from the top of AI-Petri through the Yalta mountain-forest reserve, Wednesday age-old pine trees on the road Yalta-Sevastopol. Go down this route to a specific platform with panoramic views of the swallow's nest. The building resembles a medieval castle, evokes a romantic mood. It is called hallmark and emblem of the southern coast of the Crimea.

Further the road runs at the foot Ypetrenko plateau. We will see the mountain Cat, the mountain Dragon. Inside the mountain the Dragon created a tunnel through which the route Yalta - Sevastopol. There is a belief that passengers travelling this tunnel, it is necessary to narrow eyes, clap their hands and make a wish, which must be fulfilled. Further down in foros Park, which was created based on the Crimean forest: you will see fir and Redwood, Laurel bushes and magnolias, palms and oleander — there are more than 200 species of plants. The lower part of the Park smoothly into the beach. Here you can swim. But the entry is rocky. It is from here we travel by boat to Cape Aya. From the sea will see Laspinsky Bay, cottage Gorbachova, Cape Aya (boat trip 1 hour).

From foros to Baidar gates serpentine road ascends to the amazing beauty of the Church of the resurrection of Christ. She is almost at the edge of the cliff on top of the red cliffs at a height of 402 m above sea level.m. Foros Church, the pearl of the southern coast of the Crimea, mountain utolok where meet Celestial and Terrestrial forces, where it seems that God walks his airy feet, or touches a burning diamonds transparent hand to the creations of his...

We climb on the Baidar pass, where the gold-domed Church reminiscent of a bird soaring high in the Crimean sky. This road is a real work of art, she once tied Yalta and Sevastopol. In honor of the completion of the road in 1848 was built bajdarskie a gate, as a memorial to the people who created this road. Baydar gate was called "gate on the southern coast of the Crimea." The lookout platform in the Baidar gate at the feet stretches a majestic picture of the southern coast, from the West, over the pass hanging rocky cliffs of the mountain massif çelebi, at the foot of the cliffs - giant heaps of limestone blocks - witnesses of the ancient earthquakes, far below the endless sea and the huge sky. Around the riot of evergreen vegetation, the intoxicating smell of pine and mountain herbs. A memorable picture!

The route passes through the picturesque Baydarskaya valley, which smoothly passes into the region of Crimea, a well-known cave cities. The edge of the cave cities of different landscape diversity and large number of historical sites. Around the cave cities there are other medieval monuments: settlements, strengthening, monasteries, cemeteries, ruins of walls and towers, but all are always present man-made caves - large and small, standing alone and combined in complexes of caves, with which begins the human exploration of the territory. We will make a stop near the lake at the foot of Mangup (city-fortress), in fact, a pond, and arranged in 1995. At the bottom of the lake is the medieval village and the Basilica. There were people who were hiding on Mangup only in the moment of danger, and was engaged in agriculture. When a pit dug for a pond, found it all. Left to archaeologists, but they had been removed, and all flooded. Now that the lake is shallower, the ruins visible through the water.

Maybe you're a little tired of bright impressions? But the long winter evenings you'll look at photos and videos taken in the Crimea, and memories of this fabulous Peninsula will warm you and give new strength!

Special difficulties of this route is, but it is advisable not to offer to tourists who have a problem with the vestibular apparatus. And note that quite a lot of facilities to visit, it is desirable to have comfortable shoes.

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