Combined walking and bus tour excursion. The monuments of Sevastopol region and the city of Sevastopol on the way, the center of the city, Nakhimov square, Grafskaya pier. Primorsky Boulevard, Sunken ships monument. The diorama at Sapun hill, the obelisk of Glory, exposition of military equipment of times of the great Patriotic war and lookout of the valley of Balaklava, Balaklava underground plant to repair submarines (object 825 GTS); Balaklava Bay - boat trip with access to the open sea.

The theme of this tour reminds us in the first place, about the times of the great Patriotic war. City Sevastopol city of Russian glory, the venerable city, fought heroically not only in the 19th, but in the 20th century. So we remember the times and the 1st and 2nd defence of the hero city.In the distant 1809, Sevastopol officially became a military fortress, and all his life connected with the protection of the southern borders of our country.

On this route tourists can learn more about what the role was given to the history and Sevastopol and the entire Crimean Peninsula in Russia's history from 1783 to the present day. More detail will highlight the events of 1941 - 1945, the heroic defense of the city, which lasted 250 days taken by Manstein s assault on the city, the last of which was successful. Tour bus would drive it to the places where you fought the defenders of Sevastopol, but several surviving Pillboxes (you can see them on the way) + tour story will help to restore the picture of those days.

Six kilometers East of Sevastopol on the top of Sapun mountain, hosted the world's largest diorama "Sturm Sapun mountain may 7, 1944".On the grounds in front of the diorama "Honorable service" are tanks, self-propelled and anti-aircraft guns, guards mortars of "Katyusha", field artillery, etc. everything you can touch her hands and take a picture! To imagine the scale held in the area of Sapun-mountain battles best of all, being on the specific sites. Here are viewed the Balaklava valley, entered into history in the period of the Eastern (Crimean) war of 1853-1856, the surrounding heights, and the slopes of Sapun mountain with preserved pillboxes, trenches, tunnels messages, and an outdoor exhibition of captured German technology. Each visit Sapun mountain is a journey into the world of military history of Sevastopol. The observation deck offers a magnificent view of the Balaklava valley.

Balaclava is also a miracle anti-nuclear fortification of the 20th century, where the secret submarine base of the Soviet Union, intended to shelter and repair of submarines. Solid rock on the Western shore was built a factory for repair submarines. This object began to dig in 1957, when the United States and the Soviet Union began to unwind the coils of the nuclear history. He graduated in 1961. Only 5 years to build this Grand structure. The underground factory was so well disguised from the Bay that it was not visible even at close range. From a nuclear explosion at the same time in the shelter could shelter 9 submarines of the project "613" or 15 "babies".

The complex was isolated from the outside world. His defense was sufficient to withstand a direct hit of a nuclear bomb capacity of up to yuo kilotons. In 2003, from Balaklava was the last to leave the submarine "Zaporizhia". It is the only such object.

After tours of the galleries of tourists takes a boat, and this contrast between the power of the underground facility and free air of the Black sea, a tunnel in the mountain Tavros and liberty boat trips will make a lasting impression on You!

Then we go into free time on the Balaclava can be use at their discretion, the main thing - time to gather in a specified place at a specified time to go to Hersonissos. Tauric Chersonesos (Greek: Peninsula t) – once a major trading, political and cultural center of Northern black sea coast, at the present moment historical and archaeological reserve, UNESCO listed the hundred most outstanding monuments of world culture. Geographically Tauric Chersonesos is located on Heraclea Peninsula and is one of the city of Sevastopol.

Sevastopol is a living history not only of Crimea, but also throughout our country. With him necessarily need to meet you. And this tour will help you learn more about him and see why in our history it has always, since its inception, has occupied a special place.

Special difficulties of this route and is not suitable for all categories of citizens. It is desirable to have comfortable shoes.

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