Sudak fortress, the path of Golitsyn in the New world, swimming up to 1 hour. Route: Feodosiya - Koktebel - schebetovka - Sudak - Novy Svet - Sudak - schebetovka - Koktebel - Feodosiya. The length of a walking route in a New Light is 3 km away. the Tour is very popular. Almost all who rest in the South-Eastern Crimea, to visit this Paradise.


A short distance from Theodosia to Sudak (55 km) we drive through a scenic mountain serpentine road, which passes through the three valleys (Koktebel, Otuz and Solar) and Sikorski pass. The integrated route, the guide tells about the history and natural attractions, wines and cognacs Koktebel and Sun valley, on the Russian winemaker Prince Lev Golitsyn and his famous Novyi Svet champagne, Sudak fortress and the modern resort town of Sudak. Everyone will find this tour something interesting.


In Sudak you will visit Sudak fortress is one of the most impressive monuments of the South of Ukraine. Size, capacity, picturesque location and safety it is superior to all medieval fortifications preserved in the Northern black sea region. "In Europe no ruins more picturesque of these: none of the Rhenish castles is not to be compared with them." A tour of the castle, which will take around 1.5 hours, you will get acquainted with the historical past of Walleye. The tower, which was built during the Genoese, more than 6 centuries look upon the world with their narrow battlements.

Seven kilometers from Sudak is located the village of New Light, the ancient name of which is Paradise (Paradise) speaks for itself. Picturesque bays Green, Blue and Grey, original shape mountain tops and headlands, such as Sentry-Both and Kapchik, the grotto Golitsyn, relict vegetation, juniper trees and pine Stankevich, well-padded excursion path (Golitsyn), Novyi Svet won the coast the glory of a unique natural landscape. No boat trips do not give even a remote impression of the New world. Golitsyn's track is notable in that it bypasses the local Marina and walk on it — a mandatory ritual. Only his feet to walk on Golitsyn trail, feeling the heat of the sun-warmed rocks, breathing in the healthy air under the canopy of junipers, swim in the clear Blue sea waters and Green Bay, you will comprehend the magnificence of nature in the New world.

On the tour you will visit repeatedly the idea that you've seen these places. Don't be surprised: this place called earth-a film actress, a huge number of films shot in these places (e.g. "Man-amphibian" "Three plus two", "pirates of the XX century"). The peculiarity of this route is its sunshine all day, you will be in the sun, so you should stock up on hats, umbrellas, sunscreen, water in sufficient quantity. However, you could buy and on the way.

The route includes swimming in the two bays of the New world. The first Green - in the village: equipped sandy beach, beautiful smooth bottom. In Blue Bay the situation is different: "wild" nature, the lack of changing rooms, a huge, white-hot boulders, a rocky beach surrounded by dramatic cliffs. Exotic! One of the highlights of the tour is the opportunity to try a real vintage champagne "New Light", made by the classic three-year technology. Champagne can be purchased at the shop of the plant "Noviy Svet".

This route is recommended for people with different levels of physical training. It is not recommended to offer an excursion for children under 3 years and people of Mature age. Be sure to have a bathing suit, hat, sport shoes, camera. You can dine in a New Light. On the trail of a preferably all required to fold into a small backpack (so hands were free).

The route is mountainous, but not very complicated. If the tripper will be difficult, it may take a side trip to the grotto Golitsyn, and then return to the beach of the village and relax before the scheduled departure time.

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