The village of New Light, bath for 1H, the house of sparkling wines "New world", tasting of 6 wines, specialty shop, "New world". Route: Feodosiya - Koktebel - schebetovka - Sudak - Novy Svet - Sudak - schebetovka - Koktebel - Feodosiya. Is there a heaven? Exist! Not fictional, but quite real. Those who have been in the New world, know that for sure. Sea, mountains, unique flora, unique atmosphere and, of course, champagne .


The settlement of the New world is located 6 km West from Sudak, in the area of picturesque bays Green, Blue and Blue, at the foot of mount Falcon. Since ancient times, this area is called "Paradise", which means "Paradise".The air filled with sweet smells of juniper, the bright sun, the clear sea is what awaits you in a New Light.


We will relax on the beach of one of the three bays of the New world,after rest we will visit the production plant of sparkling wines "Noviy Svet" was founded in 1878 by Prince Lev Golitsyn. Champagne "New Light" created by the French classical technology. Each bottle of the precious drink is manually placed on maturation in a specially built under the leadership of the lion of Golitsyn basements where aged at least 3 years. National treasure - champagne "New Light", entered the world elite in the XIX century, received the Grand Prix at the world exhibition in Paris in 1900. Champagne "Novy Svet" is preferred not only the nobility but the Royal family - it was served for the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II. And today, true connoisseurs can afford the luxury of familiarizing with high drink real champagne.

During the tour we will visit the tunnels for aging, the wine bar is a unique wine collection, then held a tasting session of 6 brands of sparkling wines in the large tasting room. During the tour You will learn about the history of champagne, history of the creation and development stages of the House of champagne wines "Noviy Svet". After the tour we will visit a company store where you can purchase your favorite champagne. This route is recommended for people with different levels of physical training. Be sure to have a bathing suit, hat, sport comfortable shoes, camera.

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Weather in Koktebel

Sunny Humidity: 83%
Wind: SSE at 12.87 km/h
12°C / 20°C
12°C / 21°C
13°C / 18°C
12°C / 20°C

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