Car-walking tour. Itinerary: Theodosia-Old Crimea-Topolevka Walking part of the route: a Place where there is a special spirit of kindness, the Holy word is famous for antiquity, historical significance and picturesque location convent, which is located in the village of Topolevka (formerly Topley) Belogorsk district.

The history of the monastery throughout the centuries is inextricably linked with the name of Paraskeva. Here in the second century after Christ was martyred at the hands of the Gentiles, the girl who, professing the Christian faith, came from Rome in the 2nd century to bring God's Word to the Tauride Peninsula. Her name was Paraskeva. The legend says that the place of her execution scored the miraculous spring, which gives pilgrims healthy water to this day.

In the 19th century near Toplou was the Bulgarian-Greek colony. Here lived Bulgarian girl Constantine. Hearing a heavenly voice went out of the house and become a hermit. 7 years she lived in the cave. Then moved to the source of St. Paraskeva, where she lived in the dugout. First one, and then it was joined by several women. Over the spring was built a chapel, but Constantine was praying that a Church was built. At the end of his life Constantine took full monastic vows and was named Paraskeva.

The next significant figure in the history of the monastery began in Shumen rd Paraskeva, in the world Olga Rodimtsev. Becoming a mother superior Paraskeva achieved prosperity Toplovskiy monastery. Labors for the benefit of the monastery, Matushka Paraskeva in 1894 was awarded the highest award, which only monks can have women with a pectoral cross. With the advent of the Bolsheviks welfare Toplovskiy monastery was destroyed.

The monastery revived again in 1993, continues its history through the efforts of the sisters and the abbess - also Paraskeva (in the world Nina Tishchenko), ordained in 1999

Excursion to the monastery Toplovskiy is not entertaining, but rather informative, pilgrimage, gives spiritual enrichment. Here every year to treat attracts people of different ages, different religions — Muslims, Christians, and Karaites. In Teplovsko!" monastery of the three sources.

The source of St. Paraskeva - but the legend, scored on the site of the execution of St. Paraskevi (the beheading). It is believed that the water from the spring of St. Paraskevi cures eye diseases and head. Also pray to St. Paraskeva women wanting to have children.

The spring of St. George - three times was a phenomenon of the rider on the horse, in which the nuns out of St. George. It is believed that water from this source helps with diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system. To the source of St. George to go 2 km in живописно1 and smooth forest road.

The source of the Three Hierarchs (St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the theologian, St. John Chrysostom; is in the mountains, 6 km from the monastery. Visit source is not included in the tour, but water from it is derived on the territory of the monastery. It is believed that the water from the source of the Three Saints helps with diseases of the nervous system.

Bring containers for water. If containers less than three water sources can be mixed, it is allowed. In Teplovsko the monastery are two fonts. The font of St. Paraskeva. The indoor pool, which receives water from all three sources. Downstairs in the monastery. In this font you can experience in summer and winter. The font of Saint George. Open, is in the forest, near the source of St. George. You will need to walk about 1.5 km along a forest road.

The immersion in cold (10-12°) plunge pool may adversely affect people with chronic heart disease or spasms of the brain. Health service on the territory of the monastery there. If You do not wish to dive, the water can pour. It is also called dipping. In addition to bathing in the font on this excursion we offer to visit the Church. Paraskeva, the tomb of St. Paraskeva and listen to a tour narrated by a novice or a nun monastery.

To warn that the monastery sold bread and rolls cooked by novices and nuns (very tasty and did not get stale). But it is not always as it is made in small batches.

Be sure to bring: towel, shirt for swimming, 2 empty bottles for Holy water. Shoes desirable sports. Women should not be with bare shoulders and knees, preferably in skirts (don't forget to take a scarf on the head). Men should be decently dressed.

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