• Pool of more than 400 m2
    Pool of more than 400 m2
  • The shallow children's pool
    The shallow children's pool
  • Sun loungers and sunshades
    Sun loungers and sunshades
  • Children's Playground the hotel surroundings include
    The view of the Playground
  • Playground with gym
    Playground with gym
  • A children's animator
    A children's animator
  • Signature restaurant
    Signature restaurant
  • Banquet hall restaurant
    Banquet hall restaurant
  • Free beach 250 metres away
    Free beach 250 metres away
  • Pool view of the hotel Narlen
    A view of the pool

The narlen hotel provides holidaymakers with the maximum comfort thanks to a wide range of related services and additional resort service. Many additional services are provided by us free of charge for hotel guests, in other words, these services are already included in the price.

Rental of children's strollers allow our guests to take it with you, it is quite convenient if tourists travel by bus or by car. Rent a stroller, you can go Hiking in Koktebel taking a child without the risk of drowsiness

Services hourly and daily mountain bike rental allows vacationers the hotel people to organize your activities and get better acquainted with the attractions of the resort, just ride with the breeze in the picturesque surroundings. Quite often, rental take the bike for what would quickly get to the store or the center of Koktebel

A cot to accommodate the youngest guests - children up to 2-3 years in the room happens before the race. Guests must either choose the option when booking. In the box the crib comes with a mattress and linen.

The delivery of meals from signature restaurant of the hotel is carried out throughout the territory: gazebo near the buildings and teahouses near the restaurant and in the rooms and relax area around the pools is done by the waiters. Ordering and preparation of dishes on a restaurant menu.

Services certified nannies to care for children in the hotel will allow parents to get a free time which they often spend on entertainment, at least just to sleep. Supervision and recreational activities with children is an animator of the hotel.

Car Parking for guest cars and Moto vehicles, video surveillance and physical security can accommodate up to 60 cars at a time. Reliable and convenient Parking is an important requirement from traveling around Crimea by car or motorcycle people.

Laundry washing and Ironing of personal items and clothing provided for a fee. If necessary to wash clothes and ironed them visit on their own appeal to them, and then pass the things to the Laundry.

Call free taxis for private trips to Koktebel and other towns of Crimea. Free taxi is a hotel receptionist with reception area - day or night, for taxi contact the hotel Manager.

The provision of free towels for swimming and sunbathing at sea is made at the request of the guests, you can change your beach towels for each guest at least a few times a day, that you can get on Laundry, leaving the Deposit = 200 Euro per towel. Used towels are in the Laundry and you return the collateral.

Hairdryer for drying hair is provided for free, temporary use in rooms Standard and Economy, as it is included in Junior suites, Suites and VIP rooms. If necessary, use a Hairdryer - please contact the administration at the reception.

The free, temporary use of a modern, odarivaemogo iron with non-stick coating and Ironing Board for self-Ironing their own clothes and personal belongings. To use the iron for Ironing daily at the hotel Laundry, which is located between the restaurant and 6 case

Schedule housekeeping - daily from 9:00 to 18:00, subject to the conditions of the delivery of the key at reception with a note "cleaning required". Scheduled change of towels and bed linen are changed once in four days, if necessary, change towels and linen more often - please contact the property after settlement.

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Now we accept applications for early booking of rest in Koktebel at a discount of up to 10%

   All the seats are free
   A lot of places - 3/4 freely
   There are places - 1/2 freely
   Few places - 1/4 freely
   There is no space - to ask a question

Weather in Koktebel

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