• The decoration of the teahouses
    The decoration of the teahouses
  • View of the restaurant
    View of the restaurant
  • Gazebos teahouse
    Gazebos teahouse
  • Free treats
    Free treats
  • Bar
  • Eastern table
    Eastern table
  • Table setting
    Table setting
  • Banquet hall
    Banquet hall
  • Lunch on the veranda
    Lunch on the veranda
  • Veranda restaurant
    Veranda restaurant
  • Organization of events
    Organization of events

Daily, three meals a day menu of the restaurant for a fixed amount - is a very convenient form of recreation, in Russia it is called - Full Board, at least - All inclusive. A comprehensive menu offers an independent choice of the number and frequency of nutrition there are diet and children's menu.

Mode complex meals daily: Breakfast from 8:00 to 10:00, Lunch from 13:00 to 14:00 and Dinner from 19:00 to 20:00. In the case of planned absences of the paid power, for example during the tour, guests get road meals. The cost of 1 set = 300 rubles, FB = 900 rubles per day per person

A menu for the 2018





  • The bread and butter
  • Porridge buckwheat ground
  • Ham and eggs
  • Bun with jam
  • Tea bags in the range or instant coffee of choice
  • Bread in assortment
  • Vitamin salad
  • Chicken soup
  • Rice baked with chicken
  • Compote
  • Bread in assortment
  • Salad "Tarator"
  • Schnitzel with mashed potatoes
  • Ice cream with topping
  • Compote


Availability calendar



Now we accept applications for early booking of rest in Koktebel at a discount of up to 10%

   All the seats are free
   A lot of places - 3/4 freely
   There are places - 1/2 freely
   Few places - 1/4 freely
   There is no space - to ask a question

Weather in Koktebel

Sunny Humidity: 83%
Wind: SSE at 12.87 km/h
12°C / 20°C
12°C / 21°C
13°C / 18°C
12°C / 20°C

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