• Pool of more than 400 m2
    Pool of more than 400 m2
  • The shallow children's pool
    The shallow children's pool
  • Sun loungers and sunshades
    Sun loungers and sunshades
  • Children's Playground the hotel surroundings include
    The view of the Playground
  • Playground with gym
    Playground with gym
  • A children's animator
    A children's animator
  • Signature restaurant
    Signature restaurant
  • Banquet hall restaurant
    Banquet hall restaurant
  • Free beach 250 metres away
    Free beach 250 metres away
  • Pool view of the hotel Narlen
    A view of the pool

The official price of the hotel on rest in Koktebel held unchanged from 2014 is very important for people looking for an inexpensive and comfortable family hotel in the 1-2 coastline of the Black sea. Frozen prices and a variety of permanent and lastminute promotional offers give guests the opportunity to book rooms in the Crimea without intermediaries and discounts from the owners.

In that time, while many Crimean hotels compete in the price - we remain in solidarity with the opinion of most travelers: prices on vacation in Crimea needs to be much more profitable than the same sentences in the black sea region. Relax in the hotel Narlen the each year becoming more profitable - find out prices for 2018!

Availability calendar



Now we accept applications for early booking of rest in Koktebel at a discount of up to 10%

   All the seats are free
   A lot of places - 3/4 freely
   There are places - 1/2 freely
   Few places - 1/4 freely
   There is no space - to ask a question

Weather in Koktebel



Humidity: 81%
Wind: NNE at 11.27 km/h
Monday 0°C / 4°C Cloudy
Tuesday -2°C / 2°C Cloudy
Wednesday 0°C / 5°C Partly cloudy
Thursday 0°C / 3°C Mostly cloudy
Friday 1°C / 4°C Mostly cloudy