• Pool of more than 400 m2
    Pool of more than 400 m2
  • The shallow children's pool
    The shallow children's pool
  • Sun loungers and sunshades
    Sun loungers and sunshades
  • Children's Playground the hotel surroundings include
    The view of the Playground
  • Playground with gym
    Playground with gym
  • A children's animator
    A children's animator
  • Signature restaurant
    Signature restaurant
  • Banquet hall restaurant
    Banquet hall restaurant
  • Free beach 250 metres away
    Free beach 250 metres away
  • Pool view of the hotel Narlen
    A view of the pool

The hotel area is a little more than 1 Ha, we posted the entire infrastructure, consisting of buildings with rooms, pool area, children's playgrounds, barbecue areas, gazebo, green lawns and vineyards, food court, Laundry etc.

The room Fund of the concentrated B12 two-story residential buildings, including 6 buildings with standard rooms; 3 two-storey buildings with Junior suites and 3 two-storey VIP cottages and one-storey building with economy rooms.

A large Playground with safe artificial turf located in the centre of the site. The site unites several different swing, Playground, sandbox and a large covered verandah for creativity and classes with an animator. Fun children's animator is open daily from 8 to 21 hours.


Many guests come to vacation in Crimea to restore health and vitality. Swimming in the pool and the sea, easy run and workout in the open air without the use of "iron" - the perfect practice for fitness and well-being.


Table tennis is a wonderful form of physical activity for adults and children. Table for table tennis game set between the pool and the restaurant (at the exit of the alley wooden gazebos) and available for play for all travelers from us tourists. This game is very popular among our guests: while the children are busy with the animator, the parents are passionate about this gambling and mobile game.


Near the veranda of the restaurant offers gazebo, where are served dishes from the chef of the hotel. Gazebo decorated in an Oriental style teahouse (with couch and cushions in Turkish), as well as classic tables and benches. Meals are served from 9 a.m. and till the last visitor.

Cooking meat, fish and vegetables on open fire has become a tradition for many people. Food cooked in this way, it seems much tastier if taken in the fresh air. And it's a great reason to try wines and enjoy friendly chat.


The hotel surroundings include built in 2011 and since then has acquired the status of one of the best family hotels Koktebel with a proud history built on family happiness and smiles exactly where You - dear Guests, are the main characters!

We appreciate Your sympathy for us, and also provide generous discounts to all who have returned to us again and also have shown every possible attention to the wishes entertained in the restaurant and make surprises to Friends.

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