• Pool view of the hotel Narlen
    Pool of more than 400 m2
  • The shallow children's pool
    The shallow children's pool
  • Sun loungers and sunshades
    Sun loungers and sunshades
  • Children's Playground the hotel surroundings include
    The view of the Playground
  • Playground with gym
    Playground with gym
  • A children's animator
    A children's animator
  • Signature restaurant
    Signature restaurant
  • Banquet hall restaurant
    Banquet hall restaurant
  • Free beach 250 metres away
    Free beach 250 metres away

The hotel Narlen built in 2011 and since then has acquired the status of one of the best family hotels Koktebel with a proud history built on family happiness and smiles exactly where You - dear Guests, are the main characters!

We appreciate Your sympathy for us, and also provide generous discounts to all who have returned to us again and also have shown every possible attention to the wishes entertained in the restaurant and make surprises to Friends.

Buildings with Standard rooms located on the perimeter of the site and represent the two-storey building with four rooms on each floor. Room size is 28 m2 and a capacity of up to four people in one room.

Three buildings with Junior suites is located on the side of the main entrance to the territory and represent the two-storey building with three entrances, 8 rooms on each floor. Room size 22 m2, but the rooms have small French balconies, the maximum the room can accommodate up to four people.

The Luxury rooms are located in the first building (Building A) Suite, the hotel has two such rooms, one on the ground, the other on the second floor of the building. Room size is 42 m2 and a capacity of five guests, two of whom are in the bedroom on the main field, the remaining three in the living room.

Three, two-storey V. I. P. house is located at the nearest to the sea part of the site, they give up entirely. The cottage area is 95 m2, the building can accommodate up to 10 guests, two in each of the bedrooms upstairs and the large living room on the ground.

Case with budget rooms located between the restaurant and a Playground and is a one-storey building with seven double rooms are small compared to the rest rooms, 19 m2 which can simultaneously accommodate up to three people, one of whom is on the additional place.

Beautiful Bridal rooms are located in small distance from our location, in the hotel As-El in the street Lenin 127B. The room offers magnificent, panoramic views of the Black sea, Koktebel village and the majestic mountains and volcano Kara-Dag

Schedule housekeeping - daily from 9:00 to 18:00, subject to the conditions of the delivery of the key at reception with a note "cleaning required". Scheduled change of towels and bed linen are changed once in four days, if necessary, change towels and linen more often - please contact the property after settlement.

The free, temporary use of a modern, odarivaemogo iron with non-stick coating and Ironing Board for self-Ironing their own clothes and personal belongings. To use the iron for Ironing daily at the hotel Laundry, which is located between the restaurant and 6 case

Hairdryer for drying hair is provided for free, temporary use in rooms Standard and Economy, as it is included in Junior suites, Suites and VIP rooms. If necessary, use a Hairdryer - please contact the administration at the reception.

The provision of free towels for swimming and sunbathing at sea is made at the request of the guests, you can change your beach towels for each guest at least a few times a day, that you can get on Laundry, leaving the Deposit = 200 Euro per towel. Used towels are in the Laundry and you return the collateral.

Call free taxis for private trips to Koktebel and other towns of Crimea. Free taxi is a hotel receptionist with reception area - day or night, for taxi contact the hotel Manager.

Laundry washing and Ironing of personal items and clothing provided for a fee. If necessary to wash clothes and ironed them visit on their own appeal to them, and then pass the things to the Laundry.

Availability calendar

From 1 October 2017-31 March 2018 - is accepting applications for an early booking holiday in Koktebel

   A lot of places - 3/4 freely
   There are places - 1/2 freely
   Few places - 1/4 freely
   There is no space - to clarify

Weather in Koktebel

Partly cloudy


Humidity: 79%
Wind: SW at 35.40 km/h
Wednesday 8°C / 13°C Mostly sunny
Thursday 12°C / 13°C Mostly cloudy
Friday 10°C / 13°C Partly cloudy
Saturday 12°C / 15°C Mostly cloudy

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